Turbo Takeaways

  • Even with wages above the national average, Aurora residents carry a credit card debt of about $5,000 per individual. 
  • Top options for debt relief in Aurora include debt management programs, credit counseling, debt settlement, and consolidation.
  • TurboDebt helped Aurora clients save an average of 52% of their total debt before fees in 2023.

Why Is Debt Relief Important in Aurora, CO?

Once a budding “trolley town” among the rolling Colorado prairie, Aurora has grown into a hub for culture and cuisine. From Buckley Air Force Base to historic properties to hundreds of ethnic eateries, Aurora is a vibrant mix of rural and urban at the base of the Rockies.

Even surrounded by the pristine beauty of the mountains, plenty of residents feel the pressure of mounting debt. Although an affluent community, with weekly wages in parts of Aurora averaging $1,500 or more, many still struggle with consumer debt brought on by the elevated cost of living in today’s economic climate.

Aurora residents carry a high average credit card debt of $5,214 per individual, trapping many consumers in a cycle of making minimum or late payments on overwhelming balances.

With a median student loan debt of $22,263, lots of Aurora citizens are also left making high monthly payments to repay the money they borrowed for their education.

When residents face financial strain, debt relief options can become a lifeline. Organizations like TurboDebt provide professional solutions to reorganize payments and help you break free from debt collectors and credit card companies.

“It’s important to review each form of debt relief with a certified, experienced credit counselor or debt relief expert, to understand exactly what the costs are for each, in relation to the benefits you’ll receive from each type of debt relief,” shares Brad Reichert, a debt expert and the founder and managing director of Reichert Asset Management LLC.

“Consumers seek many different results, depending on their situation and resources, so it’s important to match the best solution to your situation,” explains Reichert.

Keep reading to learn more about your options and discover how debt relief in Aurora can help you overcome your financial difficulties for a fresh start.

TurboDebt Helps Aurora Residents Get Out of Debt

We know getting out of debt in the Centennial State can sometimes seem impossible. That’s why we partner with clients to provide the best debt relief services and tailored plans to eliminate large balances on unsecured debts like credit cards and medical bills.

In 2023 alone, we enrolled an average of $25,775 in debt from Aurora clients, amounting to over $3 million in total enrolled debts. We also saved our clients 52% of their total debt on average (before fees), helping residents regain financial freedom and overcome the stress of high balances.

We’re proud to offer strategic Colorado debt relief programs to qualifying residents from Aurora to Denver and Colorado Springs.

Signs You May Need Debt Relief in Aurora, CO

Often, the first step towards debt relief comes with recognizing that you need it. After examining your financial situation, you may find that you can drastically minimize and eliminate your outstanding debts with the right plan.

Here are some of the key signs to look for when deciding if it’s time for debt relief help:

  • Carrying a high debt-to-income ratio
  • Holding large balances on multiple credit cards
  • Dipping into savings or retirement funds to pay expenses
  • Feeling stressed and overwhelmed about making monthly payments 
  • Lacking an emergency fund to cover 3–6 months of expenses

If you can answer yes to any of these, consider debt solutions such as credit counseling services, debt management programs, or debt settlement services.

Top Options for Aurora Debt Relief Programs

When you’re ready to pursue debt relief in Aurora, here are the best solutions:

Credit Counseling

Credit counseling involves discussing your finances with a professional and creating strategies to eliminate or stay out of debt. We find this is a great first step for Aurora residents who need advice and practical ways to handle their expenses.

A certified credit counselor can also review your credit reports from all three reporting agencies, discuss your financial history, and recommend steps to improve your credit score. Many programs are offered at little or no cost to consumers going through financial hardship or living at lower income levels.

Debt Management Programs

Aurora consumers struggling with multiple debt payments per month can benefit from a debt management program (DMP), which provides helpful organization and guidance. Many DMPs are offered through credit counseling agencies, allowing you to continue working with the same organization to create a debt management plan.

Following a debt management plan, you and your creditors will agree to a specific monthly payment. You’ll then send the funds for each creditor into an account that the organization uses to make payments on your debts each month.

If you choose this method, you’ll likely have to commit to closing out all your credit card accounts and paying a significant portion of your income toward debt repayment each month.

Debt Settlement

For Aurora consumers carrying $10,000 or more in unsecured debts, a debt settlement can significantly reduce the total amount owed to credit card companies or even minimize outstanding medical bills. At TurboDebt, we’ve seen plenty of Aurora clients struggling with an average of $25,000 in unsecured debt choose to settle with creditors and pay off debt.

Working with a debt settlement company like TurboDebt allows you to leverage their expertise for your benefit instead of negotiating with creditors on your own, often resulting in savings of up to 50% before fees.

Once you enroll in a debt settlement program, you’ll start paying into a savings account each month. After you accumulate enough funds to make the agreed-upon lump-sum payment that was negotiated with your lenders, the settlement company will pay off your creditors, and you’ll be debt-free again. If you commit to making payments until the end of your program, you’ll likely pay down your debt faster and for less than you would have owed.

Debt Consolidation

We find debt consolidation is often an effective strategy for managing your own repayment process if you’re carrying small to moderate amounts of debt. Taking out a debt consolidation loan or using a balance transfer credit card both offer effective solutions for Aurora residents struggling with debts. We find consumers with smaller amounts of credit card debt may benefit from opening a zero-interest balance transfer card.

These accounts allow you to move outstanding balances from multiple cards so you can pay down the principal quickly and easily by saving time and interest. This often helps consumers catch up with payments and avoid getting stuck in a cycle of paying high interest rates and late fees.

However, it’s important to understand the terms of your debt consolidation loan or balance transfer offer before you sign an agreement. It’s also a good idea to make a plan to pay off your debt before the end of your loan’s term or before the interest rate on your balance transfer card returns to its normal APR, which can be in as little as six to twelve months.

Debt consolidation loans also offer Aurora, CO, residents an opportunity to pay off outstanding balances to reset their finances. Using a bank or credit union, consumers can secure a loan big enough to cover all current debts in exchange for a new monthly payment on the consolidation loan. We find this option works best for consumers with “fair” to “good” credit scores, since they can typically secure funds from lenders at a lower interest rate. If not, you could end up paying a significant amount in interest fees over the course of the loan.

Debt Forgiveness

Aurora residents who’ve worked in public service or who are in a lower income bracket are most likely to qualify for debt forgiveness. These assistance programs, offered mainly through the federal government or individual states, help consumers eliminate some or all of their debt once they meet specific requirements and apply for help.

For example, federal employees can apply for Public Service Loan Forgiveness by following the program guidelines.


If all other debt relief solutions have proven ineffective, Colorado residents can pursue bankruptcy as a way to absolve debts. Although not ideal due to the long-lasting negative impact on your credit history, consumers typically file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

In Chapter 7, the court sells off your assets to repay creditors, often waiving anything left over after the sale of property and valuables. Chapter 13 allows you to avoid selling assets, but instead requires you to commit to a court-approved 3-5 year repayment plan to pay off your debts.

If you opt to file for bankruptcy, we recommend speaking with a bankruptcy attorney at a reputable law firm for legal advice on your financial situation.

Why Choose TurboDebt’s Debt Relief Program?

At TurboDebt, we’ve worked with thousands of consumers across the state of Colorado to help them find the best debt relief options. We offer a free consultation to discuss your unique financial situation and determine what solution can help you become debt-free. Whether it’s delinquent healthcare costs or outstanding credit card balances, we’re here to work with you as a trusted partner in regaining your financial freedom.

Here are the top reasons we think you’d benefit from our debt relief services in Aurora, Colorado:

  • We save Aurora clients an average of 52% of their total before fees with our settlement programs.
  • We assist clients in paying off their debt faster, often in 24–48 months, once they commit to a program. 
  • We offer a highly-rated service backed by thousands of 5-star TurboDebt reviews.