Become a Debt Settlement or Debt Consolidation Affiliate for TurboDebt

Become a debt settlement or debt consolidation affiliate today and you can start earning top-dollar while helping others in taking control of their finances and working toward a debt-free life.

In this article on Turbo Debt Relief Affiliate Programs:

  • About Turbo Debt Relief
  • What Is a Debt Relief Company?
  • What is a Debt Affiliate Program?
  • Debt Relief Affiliate Programs
    • Debt Settlement Affiliate Program
    • Debt Consolidation Affiliate Program
  • Ways to make money with Turbo Debt Affiliate Programs
    • Pay Per Lead
    • Pay Per Click
    • Pay Per Call
    • Referral Commission
  • Why Become a Debt Settlement/Debt Consolidation Affiliate for TurboDebt?
    • High Visitor to Conversion Ratio
    • Excellent Level of Customer Satisfaction 
    • Easy Sign-up and Transparent Reporting Dashboard 
  • Are You Interested in Becoming a Debt Settlement or Debt Consolidation Affiliate for TurboDebt?

About Turbo Debt Relief

Debt weighs people down more than they’d like to admit.  Other than bad relationships or a death in the family it’s probably the most nerve-wracking thing you can have on your mind.  That’s probably why people appreciate anyone who can help them resolve their debt and help them stop thinking about it.  They show that appreciation not just with emotion, but also with a willingness to pay for the advice and the council. 

Debt Settlement and Debt Consolidation are two of the best ways to resolver your debt.  At TurboDebt we help people find those services and get their lives back on track. We have a proven record of success with providing true debt relief.  We advise people and connect them with debt relief programs that are right for them.

Our company also offers debt settlement and debt consolidation affiliate services. Our successful history gives companies a trusted and reliable partner in the debt relief business.  If you’re looking to be an affiliate with someone who you know can deliver the goods, you should check out TurboDebt and contact us.  Our programs make money for our affiliates, with a trusted way of providing services and doing business.

What Is A Debt Relief Company?

A debt relief company helps people take control of their finances and crushing debt.  Through consulting, advising and strategic planning debt relief businesses guide customers down a path back to financial stability.  Debt Settlement and Debt Consolidation are two of the more useful tools a debt relief company can provide.  The debt relief firm serves the customer either directly or through referral.  The goal is to find the right fit to manage their debt.  A good company knows one size doesn’t fit all, and getting back to solvency can take many roads. 

TurboDebt is one of the best debt relief companies in the business.  We have more than five hundred five-star ratings on Google.  Our clients are happy with the job we’ve done and willing to tell others about it on the world’s biggest platform.  We pride ourselves with providing services that cater to client’s individual needs.  We listen to our customers and weigh all the options, providing them with effective strategies and low-cost solutions.  We’re one of the few companies that connect our clients to the specific debt relief program that works for them.  We don’t do blanket enrollments or shovel customers into generic national programs.  We have multiple partners and are dedicated placing clients with programs that fit their situation.  We know each case is unique, and we give every client special care. 

What Is a Debt Affiliate Program?          

A debt affiliate program allows businesses to make money by referring clients to a debt relief company. Through their web presence deb consolidation affiliates or debt settlement affiliates promote debt relief services provided by credible debt relief companies. The debt relief companies pay their affiliates for those leads. There are several ways an affiliate can make money. They can be paid a certain amount for providing the lead. They may be paid for clicks on a link, or they can get money if the lead makes a call. Money can also be made through direct referral. Often it’s not any single one of these mechanisms that comes into effect, but a combination of several of them. Affiliates usually have a business model that lends itself towards naturally generating leads. This can provide steady income for both the affiliate and the debt relief company.

TurboDebt is a full stack debt relief marketing, sales and enrollment service company that has an attractive profile for the potential affiliate. TurboDebt’s affiliate programs take advantage of TurboDebt’s vast range of options for their clients.  When a lead is sent to TurboDebt they engage with a company that has both direct publishers and networks with trusted partners.  TurboDebt guides a lead to their 100% owned and operated debt relief offers.  This comes through redirects such as link outs, API (including host & post, hosted forms, and ping trees).  They also guide leads towards relevant path traffic from loan declines and sites with subprime-leaning audiences.  This range of services means an affiliate can rest assured the leads they provide will be satisfied with TurboDebt’s backend performance as we meticulously move each lead through our enrollment funnel.  This keeps an affiliate’s pool of leads growing rather than remaining stagnant or shrinking.  Premium service is why TurboDebt has a great reputation, and why affiliates can be proud to be associated with them.  If you’re interested, please take a look at the TurboDebt self-assessment debt survey.  It won’t take more than a minute, and it can really show you how we can help those in need of debt relief assistance. 

Debt Relief Affiliate Programs

Here at TurboDebt we offer multiple debt relief affiliate programs, both acting as mechanisms that can help clients get control of their debt. This involves a process whereby the debt relief company advocates on behalf of their clients to negotiate a resolution with creditors. The two options are a debt settlement affiliate program, and a debt consolidation affiliate program. In both cases the client gets the relief of one or more of their heaviest creditors being paid off.  The debt relief company is paid through a prearranged mechanism, which is usually a percentage of the final negotiated payment.  Though creditors usually end up with less than their full amount owed, they avoid a debtor filing for bankruptcy and ultimately paying nothing. 

Debt Settlement Affiliate Program

Our debt settlement affiliate program is our most popular offering. If a direct settlement is agreed upon, the client pays less than the full amount owed, either in a lump sum or through agreed upon installments.

Debt Consolidation Affiliate Program

A debt consolidation affiliate option is also possible. That process involves folding all the clients’ debt into a single loan. The client ends up with one creditor where before there were many.

Ways to Make Money with TurboDebt Affiliate Programs

Whether it directs a lead to debt settlement, debt consolidation or some other method, there are several ways for companies to make money through the TurboDebt affiliate programs. 

Pay Per Lead (or, Cost Per Lead, CPL)

  • A lead is the holy grail of an affiliate program, so it makes sense that a company would pay to get them. A credible lead is worth more than one that doesn’t pan out. When the lead acts on a call to action or pays for a service, an affiliate can expect more money than they would if the lead only casually browses.

Pay Per Click (or, Cost Per Click, CPC)

  • Clicks and click-throughs are one of the most time-honored and reliable ways to monitor web traffic. A lead that clicks on a link is making a decision, and that usually bodes well for the company being visited. The most important clicks are the ones that lead to sales. If an affiliate provides revenue-generating traffic, they can expect a profitable windfall from the affiliate program.

Pay Per Call

  • A phone call is a more personalized business engagement. A lead that calls TurboDebt or its associates is a valuable one. Talking one-on-one with a client usually leads to a sales commitment. As always, that direct revenue-generation is a win-win for both TurboDebt and its affiliates.

Referral Commission

  • Sending a direct referral is one of the most guaranteed ways of getting paid. A referral means the lead already has a path in mind. Most referrals are usually more focused. They know what they need done and have some ideas about how to do it. The affiliate’s commission is often based on an industry-standard percentage, which is probably an attractive amount for the affiliate to receive.

Why Become a Debt Settlement or Debt Consolidation Affiliate for TurboDebt?

With all that’s been said, why become an affiliate with TurboDebt?  It’s true the company has a lot to offer, but what may be even more important is the way TurboDebt offers it. 

  • High Visitor to Conversion Ratio – We don’t send people through a lot of changes when they come to us, and we give them a free consultation. Our debt self-assessment takes less than a minute to complete. That allows potential clients to get on with the business of looking for help and contacting us. Our debt program partner fees are low, and we give great service. Anyone who researches TurboDebt can see our five-star ratings and customer testimonials. For an affiliate this means you get the most out of the traffic you send to us. We turn visitors into customers, and that means more money for you.
  • Satisfaction – With more than 700 five-star reviews (and counting!) on Google, TurboDebt has a stellar reputation. You can’t buy the kind of advertising a satisfied customer brings you. Phrases like “excellent representative”, “so happy” and even “godsend” are what our clients say about us. We earn that reputation, and we stand by it. When you’re an affiliate for TurboDebt you can expect your referrals to give you that kind of feedback. We appreciate the leads you send to us, and we’ll do right by them.
  • Customized Reporting Dashboard – It’s easy to sign-up with us and become an affiliate. Once you do, you’ll see our Reporting Dashboard and other tools that make it easy to see how you’re doing. Affiliates who send us conversions directly to our landing page can check on their clicks, conversions, revenues, and other metrics in real-time, while we provide our API affiliates with weekly reporting or upon request. We keep you up to date with full transparency. We like having affiliates, and we want you to like working with us.

Are You Interested in Becoming a Debt Settlement or Debt Consolidation Affiliate for TurboDebt?

We hope you are interested in joining us and working together. We look forward to hearing from you about debt consolidation affiliate or debt settlement affiliate partnership opportunities. Tell us a little bit about yourself!

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