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Discover the incredible savings potential with TurboDebt! Check out the infographic below for a real-life example of a client who saved an incredible 46% of their starting debt by signing up with TurboDebt.

Compared to the cost of other debt-relief options, it becomes clear how impactful our solution is. Imagine the relief and financial freedom you could achieve by taking control of your debt with TurboDebt's expert assistance. Start your journey to a debt-free future today and see how much you can save!

Gloria saved 46% with TurboDebt

Gloria, Disabled Veteran
Starting Debt:
Debt Consolidation
Credit Counseling
Minimum Payments

This chart is for illustration only and fees are included where applicable. The payment estimates only provide a comparison of overall payments and do not consider individual circumstances, varying duration or potential consequences such as effects on creditworthiness, interest rates, legal outcomes, and outstanding balances. It’s crucial to explore multiple options as no single option may be suitable for everyone.

TurboDebt estimates program costs based on average savings from completed consumer programs in the prior 6 months. Costs for debt consolidation assume a 4-year term with an APR of 9.34%, while credit counseling assumes a 5-year term with an APR of 6% and a $40 monthly fee. Minimum payment estimates assume an APR of 16% and a required minimum payments 2% payment on current debt or $25, whichever is greater. Results may vary, and program materials should be read thoroughly before enrollment.

Client Reviews of TurboDebt

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Deidra Statuto

Deidra saved 48% on her debt

Total Debt


Monthly Payment


Program Length

Active Client

Total Savings


“When I enrolled it made me feel like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. They walked me thru the process made it so simple and easy. In less than a year I was able to open up a credit card to rebuild mycredit. My life is back on track and I feel free again!”

Deidra, Social Media Influencer, Fitness Trainer

Tricia Allen

Tricia saved 53% on her debt

Total Debt


Monthly Payment


Program Length

Active Client

Total Savings


“NDR lifts a great weight off your shoulders. You set up monthly payments that are considerably more manageable, and they negotiate a deal on your behalf with your creditors. In the end, you save money because you pay NDR significantly less than your entire debt.”

Tricia, Registered Nurse

Gloria Davis

Gloria saved 46% on her debt

Total Debt


Monthly Payment


Program Length

Active Client

Total Savings


“I suffered a stroke and was having financial difficulties. My daughter recommended this company based on the excellent reviews, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Gloria, Disabled Veteran

Gaye Walton

Gaye saved 45% on her debt

Total Debt


Monthly Payment


Program Length

9 Months

Total Savings


“After a toxic marriage, I was overspending on credit cards and took out a personal loan, and got in over my head with debt. Enrolling with NDR was a blessing, quickly relieving my debt burden and offering a fresh start. Graduating from NDR came sooner than expected, and I'm thrilled.”

Gaye, University Professor

Susana Hernandez

Susana saved 20% on her debt

Total Debt


Monthly Payment


Program Length

14 Months

Total Savings


“I needed a professional to guide me, and when I found National Debt Relief online, I felt confident they could help. Unable to pay off my credit card debt in full, I needed to combine my cards into one payment. Now I feel relieved knowing that my debt will be paid off.”

Susana, Teacher and Writer

Danel Thomas

Danel saved 27% on his debt

Total Debt


Monthly Payment


Program Length

10 Months

Total Savings


“Enrolling was the best decision I have made. They helped me through the process and were so helpful and understanding. I am a proud Graduate of the program. The people here were compassionate and very kind. THANK YOU SO MUCH”

Danel, Retired NASA Engineer

How TurboDebt Works

Everyone's struggles with unsecured debt look a little different, and we recognize that clients need choices when it comes to managing their finances. TurboDebt connects you to debt relief programs that fit your unique needs.
Step 1

Take two minutes to answer a few questions about your financial situation.

Step 2

Speak to one of our representatives about solutions that work for you.

Step 3

Enroll in your selected program and start making more affordable payments.

Step 4

Relax, knowing you’re on your way to getting out of debt.

Debt Management Resources

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trust is the foundation of our business. We know that fostering trust is vital and it starts by doing more listening than talking. As effective listeners, we can better identify our clients’ goals and concerns, then develop debt relief solutions tailored to each client’s unique situation.

Turbodebt is the leading debt relief company on TrustPilot with a 5.0 rating from over 13,000 reviewers. We take tremendous pride in our ability to change the lives of those we work with and our role as industry leaders. Earning your trust is our priority.

Debt relief is the process of managing and eliminating your debts using professional help. Often resulting in a settlement for much less than what you actually owe, debt relief involves negotiating with creditors on your behalf. Once you reach an agreement on how to settle your debt, you’ll make affordable monthly payments to the debt relief company.

Absolutely. TurboDebt goes beyond making sure you can afford us. We take time to review your budget, ensuring the solution we suggest will actually help eliminate your debts. And, because you can customize your deposit schedule, it’s easier to feel like you’re in control throughout the entire process.

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Debt?

Imagine a life without the stress of debt weighing on you every day — take the first step with TurboDebt towards debt recovery and independence today!

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