Turbo Takeaways

  • The average NYC resident carries nearly $4,000 in unpaid credit card balances, making debt relief a need for many consumers from Queens to Brooklyn and the Bronx. 
  • TurboDebt provided assistance to Queens residents carrying an average of over $23,000 in unsecured debt.
  • New Yorkers living in Queens can pursue top debt relief options, including credit counseling, debt consolidation, debt management plans, and debt settlement.

Why Is Debt Relief Important in Queens?

With consumer debt reaching new heights, New Yorkers in the borough of Queens are facing financial hardship. From inflation to sky-high interest rates, consumers are navigating a harsh economic landscape, with many falling into debt just to pay for monthly expenses. In a climate like this, debt relief offers consumers a way out and a chance to regain financial freedom.

The average Big Apple resident carries $3,752 in credit card debt, one of the top reasons individuals get stuck in a cycle of unpaid balances and high fees. In 2023 alone, the national average for credit card debt reached a record of over $1 trillion for the first time in history.

Residents of Queens are also feeling the effects of rising costs for housing and retail goods, with prices significantly higher than the national average in NYC and surrounding boroughs. As unsecured debts like credit cards and medical bills continue to rise throughout the U.S., debt relief programs in Queens are becoming an essential tool to aid residents struggling with their finances.

In this article, we’ll map out the top debt relief options for Queens residents, discuss when to pursue financial help, and share why you can trust TurboDebt to help you make the right choice when it comes to eliminating your debts.

TurboDebt Helps Queens Residents Out of Debt

When Queens residents needed help getting out of debt in 2023, TurboDebt enrolled over $4 million in unsecured debts from consumers across the borough. With each client enrolling an average of $23,206, we saved them about 53% of their total outstanding debt before fees.

Our New York debt relief programs provide trusted assistance with plans customized to fit your financial needs. We’ve aided thousands of consumers from the Big Apple and beyond, equipping them with the resources to pay off big balances and stay debt-free.

Signs You May Need Debt Relief in Queens, NY

Even with that resilient, can-do attitude New Yorkers are famous for, consumers living in Queens may benefit from a debt relief program. Once you get into a cycle of debt, it’s hard to break free, as so much of your income goes toward fees and making payments to stay ahead of your debt.

Here are some clear signs it’s time to start considering debt relief:

  • Maxing out credit cards to pay off debts
  • Carrying a high debt-to-income (DTI) ratio
  • Making minimum monthly payments on credit card accounts
  • Lacking an emergency fund to cover expenses for 3–6 months
  • Using predatory payday loans to pay bills
  • Tapping into your retirement funds to pay off debts

Working with a debt relief organization may be the answer to ending your debts with expert guidance. TurboDebt offers solutions to help you conquer overwhelming unsecured debt and start rebuilding wealth.

Read on to learn about the ways New Yorkers can get help overcoming heavy debt burdens.

Top Debt Relief Programs in Queens

Here are the best debt relief services Queens residents can pursue:

Credit Counseling

One way to get started with debt relief is by seeking financial advice through a credit counseling agency. These organizations may offer low-income Queens residents free or reduced-cost services to help consumers determine the best way to pay off debts.

Credit counselors also meet with you to evaluate your credit report and provide resources for financial education. With the goal of giving you money management tips and strategies for debt-free living, credit counseling may be a smart first step to understanding how to overcome financial hardships and pay off debt.

Debt Management Programs

A debt management program (DMP) is a helpful option for Queens residents trying to pay back multiple debts at once. Offered by credit counseling agencies, nonprofit organizations, and some private companies, DMPs allow you to organize debts into a single monthly payment that the organization then disperses to your creditors.

Once you sign up for a program, you’ll work with a credit counselor or other financial agent to create a debt management plan that all parties agree to, including the amount you’ll pay each month. During this process, a credit counselor may also negotiate with your creditors to lower interest rates and waive late fees on your accounts.

Debt Settlement

Another effective debt relief solution in Queens, New York, is debt settlement. This option involves negotiating with creditors to make a lump-sum payment for less than what you owe.

If you’re carrying thousands of dollars in unsecured debts like credit card balances or medical bills, a settlement can help you pay off your outstanding balance quickly with less cost. When you work with a debt settlement company, you can effectively reduce your total debt, often by up to 50%.

Once you enroll in a program, you’ll work with the settlement company to determine a reasonable monthly payment that goes into a savings account. After you build up enough funds for a lump sum payment, the organization sends the money to your creditors to pay off your debt, and you get a fresh start financially.

Debt Consolidation

Queens residents who want to take a more DIY approach to debt relief can opt to eliminate outstanding balances through debt consolidation.

One option under this method is to take out a debt consolidation loan big enough to cover everything you currently owe. To make this work, you’ll need a good credit score to secure a low interest rate on your new loan. Otherwise, you could end up paying more in interest over the time it takes to pay off the consolidation loan. Lenders are more likely to offer low rates to borrowers with good credit scores, an important factor to consider if you want to pursue this route.

Another method to consolidate debt is by opening a zero-interest balance transfer credit card. If you’re carrying moderate levels of credit card debt, this option can help you pay off your balances and avoid hundreds of dollars in fees. However, look closely at the terms of the new card as many zero balance rates only last for an introductory period. This method works best when you make a plan to pay off what you owe each month and follow it.

Debt Forgiveness

Some New Yorkers find relief through debt forgiveness programs offered by the state or federal government. Low-income residents and individuals who’ve worked in public service roles are more likely to meet the strict qualifications of these assistance programs. Once you qualify, you may receive partial or complete forgiveness on debts like student loans or personal loans.

For example, educators who’ve worked in high-demand positions or in high-needs areas may qualify for student loan forgiveness through the Department of Education. In addition, certain government employees can apply for federal loan forgiveness programs. It’s important to note that any type of forgiven debt could be counted as income by the IRS on your annual tax return.


Because of the long-term impact on your credit and strict legal proceedings, bankruptcy works best as a last resort for consumers who’ve tried unsuccessfully to pay off debt through other methods.

Indebted individuals typically pursue either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In Chapter 7, the court determines which assets should be sold to pay creditors and may waive additional unpaid balances. Chapter 13 is a longer process that involves making a payment plan through the court without selling off assets.

It’s a good idea to speak with a legal professional to find out which type of bankruptcy works best for your financial situation.

Why Choose TurboDebt’s Debt Relief Program?

TurboDebt offers one of the nation’s leading debt relief programs, enrolling over $1 billion in consumer debt in 2023. We work closely with each client to create a personalized debt payment plan, negotiating with creditors for the best possible financial outcome. Our priority is to help clients regain financial freedom and become savvy consumers so they remain debt-free.

Here are more reasons we think you’d benefit from partnering with us:

  • Save money: Consumers who use our debt settlement program can save up to 50% (and sometimes even more) on their total debt before fees. 
  • Pay off debt faster: Our clients typically pay off their debt in 24–48 months by committing to our program.
  • Experience highly-rated service: With thousands of 5-star TurboDebt reviews from past clients, we’ve proven ourselves a trustworthy partner for relieving debt burdens.

Start your own debt relief journey today by contacting the experts at TurboDebt for a free consultation.