Priyanka Trivedi

Priyanka Trivedi

B.S. in Business Administration


Over 10 years of experience creating content · Skilled at breaking complex financial lingo into easy-to-understand language · Strong believer in cultivating good credit habits · Problem solving · Communications


Senior Writer


Gujarat University


Surrey, British Columbia, Canada


Priyanka is a self-proclaimed personal finance nerd with over 10 years of experience creating digital content. Her interest in helping readers manage their finances and cultivate good credit habits dates to her early 20s when she first learned to manage her money. Priyanka has a keen interest in helping people get access to quality information that can have a positive impact on their financial lives.

Over the last ten years, Priyanka has created hundreds of articles on a variety of topics, such as debt relief, personal finance, money management, and more. Her keen industry knowledge, along with her ability to simplify complex financial ideas, has allowed her to create high-quality content for her readers.

When she is not writing, Priyanka enjoys exploring the beautiful outdoors in the Pacific Northwest with her family. She also enjoys photography, music, and cooking.


Priyanka always had a keen interest in writing. Her interest in this field intensified while pursuing her Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree. After graduation, she began working in the financial services industry in the personal loans department, where she developed an interest in personal finance. She later went on to combine her interest in personal finance and writing. For the last ten years, she has enjoyed creating content for readers.

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