Christie Hudon

Christie Hudon

BA in English


Finance · Content Writing · Editing · Keyword Strategy · Ad Copy · Website Copy · Business Communication · Research


Editor in Chief


University of Central Florida


Orlando, Florida


Christie Hudon is a content writer and strategist specializing in financial and career-focused topics. She crafts articles to empower individuals and industry-leading organizations with essential and relevant information.

In her role at TurboDebt, Christie works closely with the marketing team to develop high-quality content and guide other writers in their contributions to our knowledge base. She uses her experience in data research to craft poignant articles, giving readers an in-depth look at key factors impacting their financial situation so they can make informed decisions.

When she’s not writing for TurboDebt, Christie loves composing fiction for young readers and theater productions. A Tapestry Award winner and playwright, you can find her original play, The Pirate Bride, in the Eldridge Plays and Musicals catalog. She’s also blessed to raise two girls with her husband in the world's theme park capital and dabble in her kitchen garden.


Christie graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in English and started her career teaching language, literature, and writing classes for public and private schools. After working with a small marketing startup as a side hustle, she moved on to write full-time for a diverse range of clients, both as a staff writer and freelancer, creating content to drive organic traffic and increase brand recognition.


Editing and Proofreading CertificateMarketing Strategy SEO Content Writing Certificate
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