Cleo is a cash advance and budgeting app that offers cash advances of up to $250, though initial advances can be low. While it’s a good option for those who need money quickly, the steep membership fee can be a downside.

You’ll need to pay $5.99 to $14.99 monthly to access cash advances through the app or use the credit builder tools. You’ll also need to pay an express fee to get your cash advance instantly.

If you’re looking for apps like Cleo that are more cost-effective, consider some of the options we’ve listed in this guide.  

5 Apps Like Cleo

We compared 12 apps like Cleo based on their advance limit, monthly fee, express fee, processing time, and repayment flexibility to select our top five recommendations.

Advance Limit$200$250$500$500$750
Monthly FeeNo feeNA$1/monthNAOptional tip
Processing TimeInstantly2-3 business days. Instant processing with an extra fee2-3 business days. Instant transfers for an extra fee of $0.99-$3.991-2 business days. Instant processing for an extra fee of $0.49-$8.991-2 business days. Instant processing with the Lightning feature
RepaymentNext payday, 14-day extension availableNext paydayNext paydayNext paydayNext payday
  • Advance Limit: $200
  • Monthly Fee: No fee
  • Processing Time: Immediately
  • Repayment: Next payday, 14-day extension available

Chime SpotMe offers no-fee overdraft protection of up to $200, unlike Cleo, which charges a monthly fee. You’ll need to have a Chime checking account to access the service and must have at least $200 deposited in your account each month.

One benefit of Chime is that you can get your paycheck up to two days early in your account. The lender also offers a 14-day extension if you can’t repay the advance when you get your paycheck.


  • No-fee advances
  • No monthly membership fees
  • Flexible repayment
  • No credit check


  • Fee-free overdrafts are only available to eligible customers
  • Some purchases and withdrawals may be subject to spending limits
  • You may have to pay third-party fees like ATM charges
  • Advance Limit: $250
  • Monthly Fee: NA
  • Processing Time: 2-3 business days. Instant processing with an extra fee
  • Repayment: Next payday

The Albert cash advance app allows eligible users to borrow multiple advances per pay period if they have a good repayment history. There aren’t any mandatory membership fees, late fees, or interest charges.

Genius, the paid membership offered by Albert, gives you access to additional features for $96 per year.


  • Free advances of up to $250
  • No mandatory fees or late fees
  • Additional perks like cash-back available with paid membership


  • Membership cost is quite steep
  • You’ll need to verify your income to qualify
  • You’ll be automatically enrolled in the paid membership when you create an account

3. Dave

  • Advance Limit: $500
  • Monthly Fee: $1/month
  • Processing Time: 2-3 business days. Instant processing for an extra fee of $0.99-$3.99
  • Repayment: Next payday

Dave’s ExtraCash app offers free cash advances of up to $500, which is much higher than the $250 limit offered by Cleo. While you need to have a monthly membership, it only costs $1/month, which is much lower than competitors.

Other than cash advances, the mobile app also offers other features, such as budgeting tools and access to a gig platform.


  • No interest fee or late fees
  • Very low monthly membership fee
  • Additional perks like budgeting tools and gig marketplace


  • Personal information, such as income history and spending patterns, is needed to qualify
  • Instant delivery fees can be high
  • Advance Limit: $500
  • Monthly Fee: NA
  • Processing Time: 1-2 business days. Instant processing for an extra fee of $0.49-$8.99
  • Repayment: Next payday

With the MoneyLion InstaCash app, you don’t need to pay a monthly fee to get advances of up to $500. For added perks and tools, there are several membership options, such as the Credit Builder Plus program for $19.99/month and the RoarMoney package for $1/month. With a RoarMoney membership, you can borrow advances of up to $1,000.


  • No mandatory fees
  • Larger cash advance amounts
  • Offers several different types of financial services
  • Ability to extend repayment date


  • High monthly fee for credit building and budgeting features   
  • It may take weeks to qualify for the higher advance amounts
  • Advance Limit: $750
  • Monthly Fee: Optional tip
  • Processing Time: 1-2 business days. Instant processing with the Lightning feature
  • Repayment: Next payday

EarnIn cash advance app allows you to borrow up to $750 of your paycheck with the Cash Out feature, depending on your eligibility. The advance limit is higher than most other apps, and there are no financing or interest charges.

You’ll need to be employed and have a minimum income of $320 per pay period to qualify for Cash Outs. There are no such income requirements with Cleo.


  • Higher borrowing limits
  • No credit score check
  • No mandatory monthly fees


  • Not a viable option for gig workers
  • You’ll need to verify your income
  • Not compatible with all banks

Things To Consider When Comparing Apps Like Cleo

If you’re looking for apps like Cleo, there are many options available. Here are a few things to keep in mind when comparing cash advance apps.

Fees and Interest Rates

Apps like Cleo may charge fees in a number of ways. For example, basic services may be available for a fee, but you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription fee to access other perks and tools.

Many apps allow you to borrow advances without any financing charges, but there may be an optional tip. There may also be other charges, such as late fees, express fees, and fees for transferring to some bank accounts. Be sure to compare these fees carefully so you can find the most affordable option.

Repayment Options

Like payday loans, you’ll need to repay any advances you borrow on your next paycheck. Most apps like Cleo will withdraw this amount automatically from your account when your paycheck hits.

There may be an overdraft fee if your account doesn’t have enough funds on the scheduled repayment date. Be sure to plan on repaying the advance on time or ask for an extension if you don’t think you can pay.

User Reviews and Ratings

Read the customer reviews on review websites like TrustPilot and on iOS and Android app stores. This is a good way of comparing apps like Cleo because it’ll provide you with a better idea of other users’ experiences. Ask family and friends for recommendations and make sure the app has a good track record of customer service.

Compare Multiple Apps Like Cleo Before You Use One

While there are several cash advance apps like Cleo you can use to deal with unexpected expenses, the membership fees and other hidden fees may make them quite expensive. Compare multiple apps, carefully read the reviews, and make sure you’re aware of the true cost of borrowing funds.

Cash advances are only suitable for emergencies, and it's best not to rely on them regularly. There may be other borrowing options that are more suitable, such as personal loans for larger loan amounts.