If you’re looking for a certified and experienced financial consultant, there is more than one way to find one. While you can always start your search by typing “financial consultants near me” in the search bar, there are other resources available to make your search easier.

From professional organizations and online matching services, we’ve provided a handy list of resources and tips below to help you find the right financial consultant.

What Is a Financial Consultant?

Financial consultants offer personalized advice to help you achieve your financial goals. They analyze different aspects of your financial life, such as income, expenses, and assets, and help create a personalized money management and asset allocation plan.

These financial professionals can help you reach goals and milestones, such as buying your first home, paying for your children’s education, and retirement.

Depending on their specialization, financial consultants may offer different types of services. They may specialize in areas like insurance, estate planning, retirement, and taxes. Chartered financial analysts (CFA) usually specialize in portfolio management.

4 Ways To Find a Financial Consultant Near You

Start your search online by typing “financial consultants near me” in your search bar. Make a list of your top choices and then verify their credentials and reviews. Alternatively, you can also try some of the resources we’ve offered below.

1. Use an Online Financial Consultant Matching Service

An online matching service can match you with a financial consultant near you for free. The financial advisors on the online matching service are vetted, and when you sign up, you can provide more details about the type of services you need.

Here are our top recommendations for financial consultant matching services in the U.S.


Specializes in matching you with fee-only, independent fiduciary financial advisors.

Zoe Financial

Matches you with credentialed, vetted independent advisors that have at least five years of experience.

Harness Wealth

Focuses on startup employees and founders but can also help anyone connect with vetted tax and financial professionals.

2. Ask for Recommendations from Friends and Family

When looking for a financial consultant near you, ask your friends and family for recommendations. This will not only provide you with several options to choose from but will also be a good way to learn more about the first-hand experience of someone you trust.

3. Check Professional Associations and Directories

There are many local and national financial planner directories and associations you can use to find qualified professionals in your area. Here are a few to choose from.

  • CFP Board: The CFP Board of Standards sets the requirements for Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification. It’s a good resource if you’re looking for CFP professionals who meet rigorous training and education standards set by the regulatory authority.
  • The Financial Planning Association: The organization helps consumers get access to financial planners and pro bono services through its location-based search.
  • The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors: With over 4,400 financial planners in its network, NAPFA is also a good resource for finding financial advisors in your area.

4. Consider a Robo-Advisor or an Online Financial Consultant

If you want financial advice from a financial consultant but want to be more hands-on, you may also want to consider robo-advisors. Depending on the company, you’ll still have access to on-staff financial consultants when you needed.

Betterment, SoFi Automated Investing, and Vanguard Personal Advisor are some examples to consider. You may have to pay a flat fee or meet the investment minimums to get on-staff consultant access.

Benefits of Hiring a Financial Consultant Near You

Hiring a financial consultant near you has a number of benefits, as we’ve listed below:

  • You’ll have the convenience and ease of access of having a professional you can visit in person.
  • A local financial consultant will be able to provide you with personalized service.
  • There’s a higher likelihood of building a lifelong relationship with your financial consultant.
  • Your consultant will help build a customized strategy for financial freedom based on your risk tolerance and specific goals.
  • They’ll help you figure out how much retirement income you need so you can be better prepared.
  • A financial consultant can help you be better prepared for unexpected events in life.
  • A consultant can help you navigate complex tax regulations and laws.

Choosing the Right Financial Consultant Near You

While you’ll be able to find many financial consultants online, you’ll still need to evaluate your options. Consider these tips to identify the best professional for your specific needs.

Know the Services You Need

Financial consultants have different areas of specialization, so it's best to identify what type of services you need to narrow down the search. For example, financial consultants may specialize in taxes, estate planning, and retirement planning.

Knowing which area you want to focus on will help you make a list of financial planners that specialize in that area.

Check Their Background and Certifications

Verify the background, designation, and certifications of the financial consultant before you set up an appointment. It’s important to hire someone with valid credentials to ensure you’re getting reliable advice.

For example, you’ll want to work with a CPA for tax advice and with a CFP for financial planning and investment advice. You can verify these credentials on the licensing board’s website.

Learn More About Their Fees

Financial consultants may charge flat fees or a percentage of the assets they manage for you, which is typically 1%. Ask about their fee structure, and be sure to understand how it works.

You should also compare the fee structure of different financial consultants to ensure you don’t end up paying a lot more than the standard industry fees.

Ask Questions

Once you’ve set up the first appointment with a financial consultant, take time to prepare a list of questions to ask so you’re prepared. Feel free to ask about their experience with their investment strategy, their experience with certain areas, or anything else you’d like to know about to feel more comfortable working with them.

Find a Financial Consultant Near You for Reliable Advice

Whether you need help with debt management, retirement planning, or investment advisory services, hiring a financial consultant is a major step. Take your time finding a consultant you can trust.

While most people think that investment advisors are only for high-net-worth individuals and small business owners, it isn’t accurate. With robo-advisors and many advisory firms offering affordable fee structures, anyone can get comprehensive financial planning services and advice today.

There are several ways to find a financial consultant near you, such as through an online search, professional associations, recommendations from friends and family, and online matching services.

Before you hire a financial consultant, be sure to verify their credentials and background and learn more about their fees.