If you’ve filed your tax return and haven’t yet received your Ohio state tax refund, you may be wondering if there’s a way to check its status. While it usually takes anywhere from 15 days to 10 weeks to receive a tax refund, you can also check the status online.

Keep in mind that there can be a number of reasons why your refund is delayed. If your tax return has errors, outstanding unpaid assessments, IRS debt, or back child support, it can delay your tax refund.  

Checking the Status of Your Ohio State Tax Refund

If you’ve been expecting your Ohio state tax refund and haven’t received it yet, there are several different ways of checking the status.

What Information Will You Need to Check Your Refund Status?

Before you check your Ohio state tax refund status, be sure to keep the following information on hand:

  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Tax year
  • Requested refund amount (offset or amended refund)
  • Type of tax
  • If it’s an amended tax return

Methods To Check the Status of Your Ohio State Tax Refund

There are a number of different ways to check the status of your Ohio state tax refund, such as online, through message, or over the phone.

Individual/school district income tax:

Regardless of the method you choose, you’ll be required to provide some information, as we’ve listed in the section above. Keep the information on hand before you check your status to ensure the process is smooth.

How To File for an Ohio State Tax Refund

You’ll have to file your tax return to receive your Ohio income tax refund. If you’re an Ohio full-year resident, part-year resident, or full-year non-resident, you must file your state tax return if you have income from state sources. You’ll have to use the same filing status as you use on your federal tax return.

There are several different ways of filing your Ohio state income tax return. You can hire a tax professional to file taxes for you, use tax preparation programs like H&R Block or Turbo Tax, or use the state’s free tax e-filing service.

The Ohio Department of Taxation’s eServices allows certain individuals to file their SD 100 and/or IT 10 electronically and IT 1040 tax forms. You can also file amended tax returns online with this service.

Important Deadlines for Ohio State Tax Refunds

When filing your state tax returns, keep these important tax filing deadlines in mind:

  • Individual tax returns for the 2023 tax year are due by April 15, 2024.
  • State tax extension request is due by April 15, 2024.
  • State individual income tax payment is due by April 15, 2024.
  • Individual tax returns for extension filers are due by October 15, 2024.

Common Issues and FAQs Regarding Ohio State Tax Refunds

While Ohio state tax refunds are usually processed on time once you file your tax return, you may sometimes encounter issues. We’ve addressed these common questions below.

Why Is My Ohio State Tax Refund Under Manual Review?

After you file your state income tax return, you may sometimes get a notice that the return is under manual review. This isn’t always a cause of concern since your tax return may be selected randomly, and it can still be approved without fines, penalties, or audits.

Here are a few reasons why your tax return may be under manual review:

  • You may have filed your tax return with the wrong filing status, which can cause a delay.
  • If you’re on a payment plan for back taxes and your payment for this year is due, your return may be flagged. Once your installment agreement is re-confirmed and you make the payment, your return may be processed.
  • If there’s a judgment against you and your wages are garnished, the state may manually review your tax return.
  • Sales tax issues can also cause an audit, especially if your income is from selling online.
  • Your tax return may also be reviewed if you’re behind on child support payments.
  • If your income is too high or if you’re claiming too many dependents or tax credits, it can trigger a review.

If you receive a notice that your state tax return is under manual review, wait until you receive further information from the taxing body about what to do. You should also get in touch with a tax professional to help navigate this situation.

How Long Does It Take to Receive an Ohio State Tax Refund?

If you requested a direct deposit when you filed your state tax return, you can expect to receive your Ohio state tax refund within 15 business days. If you filed a paper return, it may take eight to ten weeks to process your return.

File Your Return To Receive Your Ohio State Tax Refund

It may take anywhere from 15 days to 10 weeks to receive your Ohio state tax refund, depending on how you filed your tax return. Keep in mind that there may be many reasons why your refund is delayed, such as errors on your return, wrong filing status, or outstanding tax debt.

If your refund is delayed, you can check the status online, through mail, or by calling the Ohio Department of Taxation’s refund hotline.