The inflation rate in the U.S. was 3.4% in 2023. While it isn’t as high as the 8.0% rate we saw in 2022, many Americans still need to work harder to stretch their income to cover expenses. For some, an Alabama stimulus check would go a long way.

While no new stimulus payments have been announced for 2024, Alabama tax filers can get a one-time tax rebate. Read on to learn more about this tax rebate, how much you can get, and if you qualify.

Is There an Alabama State Stimulus Check in 2024?

There’s no new Alabama stimulus check or payment announced for 2024. However, if you need financial assistance, you may still qualify for other government programs, such as Alabama state income tax credits/rebates, Child Tax Credits, and Earned Income Tax Credits.

Alabama Stimulus Check 2023: Tax Rebates

Nearly two million tax filers in Alabama qualified for the one-time tax rebate that was announced by Governor Kay Ivey in December 2023. If you’re a qualified tax filer, you may have received the rebate through direct deposit or check. Here’s how it works to claim this benefit, how much you can receive, and eligibility requirements.

How do Alabama Tax Rebates Work?

Like Alabama, many states announced “stimulus payments” or tax rebates in 2023, such as New Mexico and Minnesota. Lawmakers announced a $150 tax rebate check for individuals and a $300 rebate for married couples.

Alabama is one of the few states in the country that charges a sales tax on all groceries sold within the state. The one-time Alabama tax rebate was announced to help offset grocery taxes paid in 2021. Grocery taxes collected in the state are mostly allocated to public schools from the Education Trust Fund. The rebate payments sent to taxpayers are transferred from this fund.

Who Is Eligible for Alabama’s Tax Rebate

You may qualify to receive the Alabama tax rebate if you filed an individual state income tax return for 2021. You won’t qualify for the tax rebate if:

  • You’re a non-resident or only a partial-year resident of Alabama and claim another state as your state of residence for tax purposes.
  • You were claimed as a dependent of someone else for the 2021 tax year.
  • You’re filing state income taxes for a trust or an estate.
  • You didn’t file an Alabama state income tax return for 2021 by October 17, 2022.

How Much Do You Receive and When

Alabama tax rebates were determined by the Alabama Department of Revenue (ALDOR) based on your tax filing status. Here’s how much you can expect to receive:

  • $150 for individual, married filing separate, or head of family
  • $300 for married filing jointly

ALDOR began issuing tax rebates by paper check or direct deposit on December 1st, 2023.

How To Track the Status of Alabama’s Tax Rebate

If you filed your 2021 Alabama income tax return, you can expect to receive your rebate based on how you received your tax refund, by paper check or direct deposit. If you didn’t receive a state income tax refund for tax year 2021, you can expect to receive the Alabama tax rebate by paper check.

While you can’t track the status of your rebate, you can check your bank account statement or your mail to see if you received the rebate.

How To Apply for Alabama’s Tax Rebate

If you’re a qualifying taxpayer, you don’t need to apply for Alabama’s tax rebate. All qualifying taxpayers who filed a state income tax return for tax year 2021 will automatically receive the tax rebate without taking any action.

What To Do If You Did Not Receive Your Stimulus Check?

If you’re eligible for the Alabama stimulus check and didn’t receive it, you can call 334-242-1170 to speak to someone at the Alabama Department of Revenue.

Get Your Alabama Stimulus Check 

While there’s no new stimulus update for 2024 for Alabama residents, you may have received the tax rebate if you were a qualifying taxpayer.

If you’re facing financial hardship, we recommend checking if you qualify for any government assistance. is a good resource for starting your search for a list of benefits you may qualify for.