One option for those looking for Georgia stimulus checks for 2023 and 2024 is the tax rebate. In 2023, the state announced close to $1 billion in surplus tax funds. Special payments were announced last year to eligible tax filers.

“In Georgia, they’re proposing more permanent solutions in the form of tax rebates,” shares Teresa Dodson, founder of Greenbacks Consulting. “If you live in the state, make sure you know about them,” urges Dodson.

This is the second time the state issued special stimulus checks to Georgia taxpayers due to surplus tax revenue. Read on to learn more about eligibility requirements, how much you can get, and how to track the status of your payment.

Is There a Georgia State Stimulus Check in 2024?

While there’s no new Georgia stimulus check for 2024, you may still be able to get the tax rebate announced in 2023 if you qualify for it.

In February 2024, the Georgia House of Representatives also approved a tax relief package that proposed a state income tax cut to 5.39% from 5.75%, an increase in the homestead tax exemption to $4,000, and raising the Child Tax Credit to $4,000. The $1 billion tax relief package still needs to be passed by the Senate.

Georgia Stimulus Check 2023: Tax Rebates

Georgia stimulus checks in 2023 were issued as per House Bill 162. The provisions of the bill provided a one-time tax rebate for eligible Georgians who filed the state income tax returns for the tax years 2021 and 2022.

How Do Georgia Tax Rebates Work?

Georgia tax rebates for 2023 were issued based on the regular refund instructions provided on your tax returns. If you qualify for the rebate, the Georgia government will send you a one-time payment.

You can receive the payment directly in your bank account through direct deposit or paper check, depending on how you opted to receive your tax refund.

Who Is Eligible for Georgia’s Tax Rebate?

You may be eligible for the stimulus payment if you:

  • Are a Georgia non-resident, part-year resident, or full-time resident
  • Had a tax liability for the year 2021
  • Filed your income tax return for 2021 and 2022 by April 18, 2023, or by October 16, 2023, if you filed for an extension

How Much Do You Receive and When?

The amount on your refund check depends on your tax liability and tax filing status:

  • Head of household- $375
  • Single filers/married filing separate- $250
  • Married filing jointly- $500

The maximum amount you could receive as a tax rebate is $500. If you filed taxes by the deadline of April 18, 2023, it may take up to eight weeks to receive the payment.

How To Track the Status of Georgia’s Tax Rebate

You can track the status of your tax rebate online any time you want. You’ll need to provide the following details:

  • Tax year
  • Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer ID
  • Federal Adjusted Gross Income (FAGI)

How To Apply for Georgia’s Tax Rebate

You don’t need to apply for the Georgia tax rebate. Based on the information on your income tax return, the state will determine your eligibility and will issue a payment automatically.

What To Do if You Did Not Receive Your Stimulus Check?

If you haven’t yet received your tax rebate check, check your eligibility online. Depending on when you file your tax return, the refund can take six to eight weeks to process.

If you’ve verified that all your information on file is correct and you’re eligible, it’s best to check the status again at a later date.

Get Your Georgia Stimulus Check 

If you’re facing financial hardship, the Georgia Surplus Tax Refund can put some extra cash in your pocket. You may be able to get up to $500 if you’re eligible.

However, financial assistance is available in many forms for Americans facing hardship. From debt relief for Georgia residents, to rent assistance and grocery benefits to help paying medical bills, you can check to see which benefits you qualify for.